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Use · Types · Control methods · Deepwater Horizon blowout · Well Drilling · Well Kill Annular BOP. Figure 3. Annular blowout preventer cutaway diagram showing the

head, piston, wear plate, packing unit, opening chamber, and closing chamber. Annular BOPs are designed to form a seal in the annular space between the drill pipe and the wellbore and are usually mounted at the top of the BOP … Ram-type blowout preventer. A ram-type blowout preventer is basically a large bore valve (Figure WC-2). The ram blowout preventer is designed to seal off the wellbore when pipe or tubing is in the well. In a BOP stack, ram preventers are located between the annular BOP and the wellhead. Oil spill: BP had wrong diagram to close blowout preventer. Who ordered the alterations in the blowout preventer, the 500,000-pound mass of gears and hydraulic valves that sits atop and underwater well and is intended to snap the pipe if disaster threatens, was the subject of dispute at Wednesday's

hearing. Author: User:84userDate: 27 May 2010 UseTypesControl MethodsDeepwater Horizon BlowoutSee AlsoExternal LinksThe invention of blowout preventers was instrumental in reducing the incidence of oil gushers, blowouts, indicating that substantial improvement is needed.Blowout preventers come in a variety of styles, sizes and pressure ratings. Several individual units serving various functions are combined to compose a blowout preventer stack. Multiple blowout preventers of the same type are frequently provided for redundancy, an important factor in the effectiveness of fail-safe devices.The primary fuSee more on oilfieldwiki.com blowout preventer English | Espa ol: 1 of 1: 1. n. [Drilling] A large valve at the top of a well that may be closed if the drilling

crew loses control of formation fluids. By closing this valve (usually operated remotely See: annular blowout preventer, blowout, BOP stack, casing string, drilling break, Deepwater Horizon  · dates of development · failure methods · Jargon · Fixing Chapter: 3 Blowout Preventer System. The West report indicates that drill pipe of a particular weight and grade may be the only pipe that a particular BOP shear ram is capable of cutting. In addition, the shear ram is unlikely to be able to sever drill pipe tool joints

or heavy wall pipe such as drill collars.

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